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Furry Friends Pet Rescue
Happy Tails & New Beginnings

Daisy is now Groovy!


Max (Rosco)


Rocco now Rocky 


Gumball is now Jack!

An update from Tonka's new mom: Tonka is settling in great! We love her. She is such a sweet little girl. I have already taken her running with me 3 times. She loves it. We are up to 6 miles now and she just has endless energy. She wakes my son up every morning by jumping up on his bed and licking him. What a great way to start your day!
We have been working on sit and stay with her and a little bit of paw shake. She doesn't like hallways. We have to pick her up and carry her when it's time for bed. But she is becoming more and more comfortable everyday. She has all the time she needs to adjust.
We would be more than happy to send you a family picture! I took one the first day of my husband, Scott, my son Evan and her and it is really cute but I'm not in the photo. Here is that one for now and I'll send one along of all of us as soon as we take it.

Thank you again for everything. We are all so very happy.

Annabelle is now Lucy! Her foster mom fell in love as soon as she met her.

Toby waited for the perfect home and he got exactly what he wanted. Toby was a victim of divorce he was adopted in Utah twice and then relocated and rehomed in NY where he could no longer be cared for. In his 6 yrs of life he went through four homes and he remained hopeful that his forever home was out there for him. He was right. We wish him many happy years of daily walks and lots of love. 
Sammy (now known as Koda) has found his forever home! He has a great family and a new big sister (Jada) to run around with in their fenced-in yard. He is already having a great time bonding with his new family which are really good friends with our rescue, so we get to see him grow up. (Megan & Brian ... hopefully not too big - ha ha). The picture is a little fuzzy ... it's hard to get two happy dogs to sit still. ;
Jamo (Jax) had a wonderful first day! He responded to his new name the first time and every time after that. He met his cousins, Doobie and Jax. Ironically his cousin Jax and Jamo were best of friends and played really well together. He also met my 9 year old niece who adores dogs and my 10 year old nephew and he played excelent with them. He was very reserved and understood their size. He would also respond to his new name for everyone even my soft spoken niece and he stole the spotlight. Everyone was blown away by him. Once we got home he met my friend Amanda's dog Nora, a brindle american bull dog. They had there little growl contest to show who was boss and now we can't separate them. This handsome boy picked up a girl friend the very first night. Hope you enjoy the pictures. I will send more of him with his girlfriend soon. Thanks again for my new best friend!!!
Glenn & Jamo-

Way to go Jax and thank you Glenn for giving this sweet boy a wonderful new home.

Murphy has been adopted!
Shelby (Lilly) has found her forever home! She is so "at home" there and it's like she's been a part of the family for years. She has a great bond with the other family dogs and they don't leave each other's side - it was so cute! Thank you to Alec for saving Lilly!
Adorable Diva has found her forever home on the same day that she arrived in NY. Her new mom has already fallen in love. Diva gets a ton of hugs and kisses. Thanks Miyuko!
Ginger and Galilee get to keep their strong bond as sisters. They were adopted today into the same forever home. The family couldn't pick which one so they decided to adopt both. They are part of a great new loving family!

They have the best yard ever to play around in with bunnies, chickens, cats and an older dog who is taking such good care of her new puppies. I didn't want to leave! We are so grateful to the Quinn family. We are looking forward to watching them grow up. ♥.
Our itty bitty Chi-weenie (Peanut) has been adopted! Another puppy that found his forever home on the same day he arrived in NY. Everyone loved him as soon as he became a part of our rescue. At a whopping 5 pounds, he acted like he was the king of the castle when he met his new dachshund brother (Albus), but within minutes they got along fine. Peanut is already being spoiled with a bunch of new toys. He is part of a great new family. Thank you Patrick! ♥.
Daffodil has found her forever home ... she is so happy. She has a brother (Buddy) to run around with. She is already coming out of her shell as you can see and is fitting in nicely in her new home. With all of the love, she will become a confident dog very soon. Buddy is already a good teacher. Thank you Jimmy and Rose! Congrats to Daffodil. ♥ ♥
A bittersweet moment
Today was a special day for Phoenix after almost 4 months of waiting ..He has found his forever home. I was so sad to let him go but so happy to know his future will be full of love. He has been adopted by a wonderful family , 2 children, 3 cats and of course his new doggie sister Athena. Thank you Jen, DJ and family :) ♥ ♥
Cola (on left) and Pepsi were adopted into the same forever home today. Cola is already thriving running around in his new fenced-in yard. They have a lots of family members to give them lots of love!
Dakota has been adopted! She is already feeling right at home. She loves her new daddy..Thank you to Renee and Damian for giving Dakota so much love!

Brooke has been adopted and is loving her new home. She now lives on a farm and got to meet her new friends, cows, geese and ducks. Me, Christina and Kim also had a great time getting to pet the cows and calves!! So much for her bath yesterday​
Here's Nala with her new daddy :)
Thank you so much Allison for never giving up on her..your share saved her life,Tracey for fostering her in NC and to Joshua for welcoming this sweet girl into your home and making her part of your family..We love happy endings!
Hope has been adopted!! She was our first rescue and had been with us since last November waiting for the perfect forever home and it was so hard to see her go. The adopter said she never met such a sweet dog. She goes on a walk a few miles each day and has become a great companion for her new mom who gives Hope lots of love. Her foster siblings really miss her. Thanks Kate for adopting her. 
❤Kiara has been adopted❤

Kiara is just beautiful in every way and she will be told it everyday no matter what. Her new mom and dad fell in love right away with this sweet girl. Thank you so much Terry and Steve for choosing to make Kiara a part of your life. Don't spoil her too much :)
It was a pleasure meeting the both of you and all your neighbors..what of wonderful group of people!

Mohegan has been adopted. He loves his mom as much as his favorite toy. He is a such people dog and is always right by his mommy's side. As you can see, he is getting a lot of love. Thank you so much Laura for adopting Mohegan AND fostering another one of our pups - Bingo.